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Backstreet Café is located at 1780 Chandler’s Lane behind Food Lion at Sunset Beach.

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Steve Cuozzo, Our Chef

Our Chef

Steve Cuozzo hails from Brooklyn, New York where he grew up watching his grandmother Rose cook great Italian dishes, and his other grandmother, also Rose, cook delicious traditional Jewish fare. He credits them both for inspiring his passion for food.  While living in Long Island, Steve got his professional start in the food industry in a small deli where he learned the art of consistency; ensuring that diners have the same customer experience every time they came into the deli.

In the early ‘90s Steve managed some of the most successful gourmet delis in New York, and was instrumental in leading new food trends in the area. It was at the same time that he started a small catering business where he discovered that he really loved to cook for people, and have them enjoy the culinary creations he served them.  Steve had many mentors in the food business, each teaching him something important and valuable about the industry.  The most important lesson:  In order to do something well, you have to be passionate about it. 

Steve’s style is based on where he’s from, and where he’s been, and the food he’s been exposed to. He’s passionate for Cajun, Southwestern, and of course, Italian, but honestly, it’s any food that’s made from scratch with fresh ingredients.

Steve opened the doors of Backstreet Café here in Sunset Beach, North Carolina with a goal to provide the good folks of Sunset and its visitors with simple, honest food that tastes extraordinary.  The Backstreet Café menu reflects that Brooklyn city edge with a soft, home-style southern twist.